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Mr. Delawar AshrafInorganic Chemistry

Aerosol-Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition of Molybdenum Disulfide and Oxide

Miss Charlotte BaileyInorganic Chemistry

New synthetic entry to the family of molecular nanoparticles of cerium dioxide

Miss Fnu BhumikaInorganic Chemistry


Aerosol-Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition of Molybdenum Disulfide and Oxide

Mr. Nicholas CampbellInorganic Chemistry

Conjugated Au(I) Heterocycles Through iClick

Nathaniel CarnegieChemistry Education

Atomic and Molecular Emission Spectroscopy: A Laboratory Experiment for Undergraduate Students in Chemical Sciences

Dr. Corey CauseyOrganic Chemistry

Design and synthesis of a SAM-based inhibitor for protein arginine methyl transferase (PRMT) enzymes

Mr. Gerald Ciani IVInorganic Chemistry

Investigation of Structural and Magnetic Properties of Kagomé-Lattice Metals RT6Ge6

Ms. Doory DanInorganic Chemistry

Molecular models for single cobalt ions supported on cerium dioxide nanoparticles: Heterometallic Ce/Co-oxo clusters


Alexander DiodatiInorganic Chemistry

A New and Unusual Iron-Oxo Core Topology using a Novel Hexadentate Chelate

Emanuella DolcineChemistry Education

Examining Undergraduate Learning Assistant's Experiences in a Mixed-Reality Simulator

Mr. Alejandro DurandInorganic Chemistry

Applying size-focusing to synthesize atomically precise platinum nanoclusters

Melisa GonzalezOrganic Chemistry

Synthesis of the non-proteinogenic amino acid, (4S)-4,5-dihydroxy-L-norvaline, and its application in the total synthesis of an Euglenatide B analog

Eduardo Hernandez RequejoInorganic Chemistry

Investigation of High-Symmetry Lanthanide Complexes as Molecular Electron Spin Qubits

Mr. Peijie HuInorganic Chemistry

Reactivity Study of well-defined Heterogeneous Group IV Metal Complexes Prepared via SOMC

Beining JinPhysical Chemistry

Investigating the Conformational Dynamics of the Human A2A Adenosine Receptor in Lipid Vesicles by 19F MAS Solid-State NMR

 Name Topic Title