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Nathaniel CarnegieChemistry Education

Atomic and Molecular Emission Spectroscopy: A Laboratory Experiment for Undergraduate Students in Chemical Sciences

Eduardo Hernandez RequejoInorganic Chemistry

Investigation of High-Symmetry Lanthanide Complexes as Molecular Electron Spin Qubits

Mr. Nicholas CampbellInorganic Chemistry

Conjugated Au(I) Heterocycles Through iClick

Miss Quynh VoChemistry Education

Development of an interdisciplinary laboratory experiment for teaching molecular computation, Boolean logic gates, hybridization probes and cancer RNA markers


Miss Charlotte BaileyInorganic Chemistry

New synthetic entry to the family of molecular nanoparticles of cerium dioxide

Ms. Doory DanInorganic Chemistry

Molecular models for single cobalt ions supported on cerium dioxide nanoparticles: Heterometallic Ce/Co-oxo clusters


Mr. Gerald Ciani IVInorganic Chemistry

Investigation of Structural and Magnetic Properties of Kagomé-Lattice Metals RT6Ge6

Alexander DiodatiInorganic Chemistry

A New and Unusual Iron-Oxo Core Topology using a Novel Hexadentate Chelate

Mrs. Gina PedroInorganic Chemistry

Cyclic Analogs of Low-Density Polyethylene from Alkynes

Melisa GonzalezOrganic Chemistry

Synthesis of the non-proteinogenic amino acid, (4S)-4,5-dihydroxy-L-norvaline, and its application in the total synthesis of an Euglenatide B analog

Mr. Kenneth KoOrganic Chemistry

Self-Assembling C3h Star-Shaped Supramolecular Polymers

Emanuella DolcineChemistry Education

Examining Undergraduate Learning Assistant's Experiences in a Mixed-Reality Simulator

Beining JinPhysical Chemistry

Investigating the Conformational Dynamics of the Human A2A Adenosine Receptor in Lipid Vesicles by 19F MAS Solid-State NMR

Miss Fnu BhumikaInorganic Chemistry


Aerosol-Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition of Molybdenum Disulfide and Oxide

Mr. Mingwei ZhouPhysical Chemistry

Investigating the Hydration Environments of PEGylated Liposomes Utilizing Overhauser Dynamic Nuclear Polarization

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